Social giving idea

1 Dec

Hello kittens,

I recently had an idea to combine social media and holiday giving, and today I decided to follow through. Here’s how in easy steps!

1) Pick five friends/social media contacts
2) Give $25 (or other amount!) to good cause of your choice
3) Send five friends an e-card/message to let them know you’re thinking of them, and that thought made you give to charity.
4) Encourage your friends to keep it rolling! One donation can turn into $150, and the next group of people tagged can push it over $600!

I’m encouraging private notifications to keep it in the intimate holiday spirit and to avoid socially shaming poor people. It’s a way to let people know you’re thinking of them and do good at the same time.

Have the brightest season, whatever that brings for you,

We got this

10 Nov

Hello kittens,

I am here for you.

If I am your friend in real life, I am here for you. If I am just a strange gay writer on the internet, I’m here for you.

History will assign blame. (Although let’s start with the people who voted for him!)

Now we must work together to make sure that Donal Trump is the least effective president ever!

I am on fire to protect us. I am not defeated. This is not Trump’s America. This is our America!

Rinse and repeat for the next four years:

  1. Speak your own marginalized truth
  2. Listen to other marginalized voices
  3. Amplify other marginalized voices
  4. Respectfully exert privilege for positive change
  5. Give your money to defeating Trump’s agenda
  6. Give your time to defeating Trump’s agenda
  7. Take care of yourself as well as you fucking can
  8. Care for others as you can
  9. Accept the care of others as you can
  10. Believe that we can do this.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


Letter to HRC: Black Lives Matter

10 Jul

This is the letter I just wrote to the HRC. Feel free to send your own, or to modify for an org representing your community to ask them to increase their participation for Black Lives Matter:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today to exhort the Human Rights Campaign to bring its leadership experience and resources to bear to advance racial justice in our society. As American LGBTQ+ people, we are glad to know that the HRC is “horrified and profoundly saddened” by police brutality, but that will not ultimately change a thing.

I am not going to make an appeal to intersectionality, because even though police brutality affects LGBTQ+ communities of color, the participation of the HRC and other LGBTQ+ organizations in this movement should not be contingent on “how this affects us.” It is the responsibility of those who seek justice to seek it for all. To stop short of supporting communities in immediate and pressing need is a wrong that feeds the cycle of injustice.

The HRC has been at the leading edge of gay rights for the last 20 years, and in that time we have made immense strides. In the era after the marriage ruling of last year, it is incumbent upon the most advantaged LGBTQ+ people – a core supporting audience of the HRC – to consider how best to direct our resources and time. We are faced with an injustice the HRC is equipped to fight, and so it ought to.

The HRC should immediately re-prioritize so as to stand beside and among Black Lives Matter activists. The incredible reach afforded to the HRC can have a strong and lasting impact for advancing equality for all. When we have the power to make change and choose not to, we have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Thank you for your time,
Schlomo Steel

There is no benign level of hatred

18 Jun

In the past week or so, I’ve dealt with hate speech directed at me in real life and online, and it barely blipped on my radar. That’s the gay experience I’m having right now; a stranger on the street called me a faggot, and I barely have time to think about it.

(By the way, I live in Ann Arbor, so I’m dying to here about how people don’t get called faggots in liberal urban America…)

Anyway, what I really want to talk about this week is the cascading nature of hatred. I am here to posit that there is no benign level of hatred.

Straight friends often in the past have expressed that I am being a killjoy for calling them out on their shit. Shit like playing music with overtly homophobic lyrics, monitoring each other for “faggy” behavior, making it clear they prefer gay men to be “manly,” and invoking the gender binary as a guide for behavior.

Nothing quite got to me, though, like the way friends reacted when a man outside a book looked me in the eye and said, “You’re a faggot, and I’m going to kill you.”

If you need the context – not that it should matter, but here goes – I was attempting to warn the young women he was creeping on all over town that he was lying about what drug he was giving them. I couldn’t tell what it was, but I had enough experience with what he said it was to know that wasn’t it. I was trying to be discreet, but I guess he found me out. Hence the “you’re a faggot, and I’m going to kill you” thing.

Also, in case you’re wondering, I got right up in his face and I said, “I am a faggot,” and then to the best of my recollection I swished the fuck out of Dodge.

Later when describing this to friends, a shocking number of them went out of their way to say, “well, he wasn’t being homophobic when he called you a faggot.”

Because, in case you’re wondering, straight people are in charge of when people are being homophobic or not. Wouldn’t want my big nelly feelings or lived experiences getting in the way of straighty’s truth bombs.

Maybe…maybe what they meant is that he had no way of knowing whether or not I were gay. Which is maybe true. And wicked so hard not the fucking point.

This reminds me of that straight guy friend you have who will say something homophobic and then bring up how he got called a faggot when he was a kid, so it’s all cool or something.

Straight guys who’ve been called a faggot and therefore think calling people a faggot is no big deal get to feel that way because nothing can take away how fucking cool it must be to be a straight white guy in this world. When some straight guy gets called a faggot he gets to laugh it off because he was the wrong target. He can’t hear that dog whistle.

I want you to really fucking think about what my friends were asking me to believe. They wanted me to feel comforted that he didn’t mean I was going to die because I was gay per se, but because attempting to stop sexual assault was faggy on my part. Because what a brotherly straight guy would have done, I suppose, is go along with his plan to lie to women about what he was drugging them with.

I was supposed to be comforted. I wasn’t a faggot, I was a “faggot.” Well, I’m so glad we got that all cleared up!

This is why I call you out on your acts of hate even when you think they’re benign. Because nominally liberal straight people in liberal urban America will look me in the eye and tell me faggot’s “just a word,” or some other such bullshit.

What you need to believe to make that true is far more insulting to masculinity than anything I could ever do. Thinking that a man ending up dead for trying to intervene in crimes against women is a faggy thing to do is why there is no safe level of hatred.

People do become desensitized to hatred. Our society is a bubbling cauldron of racism and sexism and homophobia. We live under constant exposure to personal and institutional oppression and marginalization, but privileged people have the privilege of not noticing the pervasive air or bullshit.

Singing along to that homophobic or misogynistic lyric means you will tell gay friends hate speech isn’t so bad. It means you will laugh at that next gay joke, and then tell you’re gay friend, “hey, but not you!” Then you’ll start saying things like “people are too sensitive these days.”

And then before you know it, you’re calling a woman who challenges you a slut and then complaining about how “nice guys” finish last.

There is no point at which you are liberal enough to be “just a little homophobic.” Or racist. Or misogynistic. You don’t need to let your hair down or blow off a little steam. And if you, congratulations, you’re actually a bigoted asshole. But if you’ve come to that realization, I welcome you, because you’re easier to combat when you’re not pretending to be the model liberal straight white dude.

Bottom line: I need to know you have my back when I’m not there. And if you think I’m a joke who can’t take a joke, well then I can’t fucking trust you. And if you don’t believe me when I tell you that hate is hate, then why do you even want to say you’re on my side?

Commit to stopping hate when you observe it. I’m tired of trying to infer whether or not someone’s a friend by the tone of their voice when they say something homophobic or sexist. You shouldn’t need your laurels to prove you’re a friend.

Make other straight men accountable to make manliness and masculinity better. That’s something real you can do now and every day.

Ever love,
Big Mama Schlomo

“Nothing to do with religion”

17 Jun

Oh good. He just became enraged by the sight of two men kissing. It had “nothing to do with religion.”

I feel so much better now.

Someone who becomes enraged at the sight of two men kissing already has a well established belief system about sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular. Homophobia does not arise ex nihilo in the hearts of chosen people destined to be “homophobes.” Acknowledging individual homophobes while ignoring their culturo-political contexts is like ignoring the air and observing that many organisms breathe oxygen.

I’m sorry, but this did not have “nothing to do with religion.” It had everything to do with religion – just nothing to do with Islam in particular.

The world over, people are invested in systems of thought that address life’s big questions while providing a moral an social framework for a good life. Great. Beautiful. Stunning. Important.

The problem is that these systems are crafted by frail, fallible humans, and they weave their own frailties and biases into these systems.

We can pretend all we want that religion is just about internal moral guidance and sage advice from our forebears – but we are indeed just pretending until we uncouple the good from the bad.

Because you can’t seriously tell me that having your central moral compass approve of murder and slavery and rape and abuse doesn’t have an effect on people and cultures. And again, I address all the world’s religions, which between them manage to ban foods, most forms of human sexuality, blended fabrics and menstruation, and yet also devote great detail to the exact rules of how to murder and plunder and rape and enslave. Billions of people all around the world believe the fate of their soul is tied to their adherence to the sociopolitical mores of long-deceased people. And on the whole, our species had some pretty fucking troubling beliefs back when we were scraping our religious texts together.

There are no lone gunmen. There are no lone rapists! Attributing these crimes to lone individuals – whether we cite ‘insanity’ or ‘evil’ or ‘zealotry’ or what have you -, allows the real, pervasive causes to persist and grow. It is troubling not that certain individuals are violent – it is troubling that we live in a culture of violence with multiple marginalized foci.

The lone gunman fallacy lets destructive culture off the hook every time. Why do the hard work when we can pretend there’s nothing we can do? Why study peace when war will give you meaning? Why challenge flawed beliefs when holding them gets you by?

Religion must be challenged. The whole thing. Not your book vs. my book, not your social program vs. my social program, not your most prominent queer adherent vs. my most prominent queer adherent, the whole fucking thing. All religions have deeply troubling  beliefs based on ancient bullshit – and yes, even religions invented in the last century. Religions are so big, purporting to account for life in all its variety – and because of this, any religion can support or deny just about anything.

So? So what? Well, given all the time we’ve been here and all the proof we have of religion as a destructive force, it falls to us as a common human responsibility to stop pinning everything on our metaphysical friends and acquaint ourselves with the other beings on this place – our physical friends.

There is no special “right” hatred. You are not excused. If you adhere to a belief system that asks you to hate other people, then you are implicated. That also means you are responsible. Responsible not just to cleanse your own heart, but to find a way to counteract the hate you’ve been taught in order to better the world.

People have done the worst – and on occasion the best things in the name of religion. And now, knowing everything we do about ourselves and our history, religious people can no longer say religion doesn’t contribute to evil. We are accountable to make it true.

Ever love,
Big Mama Schlomo

Homosexuality as lifestyle brand

17 May Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.11.30 PM

Hello kittens,

Today I want to go on a cranky old-man(nish person) rant, which I’m allowed to do since my name is the URL.

So here’s the basic plot:

Lately, I have been devoting a lot of energy to self-love and self-care and self-improvement. Pretty much doin’ the whole ‘self’ thing.

I’ve also been interested in the narratives of people who are on similar self-caring trajectories.

Which is to say I’ve gotten really into Instagram.

There are positive changes going on my life, and I am proud to document them. I quit smoking, I’m doing yoga and going out in nature. I’m taking care of the vessel my soul has to walk around in, and it makes me happy to share with others who are doing the same.

I don’t feel the least bit bad about my participation in ‘selfie culture,’ because I do believe that loving myself is one of the most radical things I’ve ever done.

I’ve been fat most of my life (until the last couple of years), and I am a nelly little homosexual. Culture has told me I should be a lot of things – up to and including dead – and proud was not one of them.

So now this is the part where I hypocritically attack other people’s participation in selfie culture?

Guh. Sort of? Not really.

To me there is a difference between “I’m working hard to have a nice soul,” and “I can afford such nice crap.”

To put it another way: there’s a difference between “I’m really proud of my progress in yoga,” and “I went to REI and bought out the yoga section!”

I want homosexuals to be happy. Gay, if you will.

But homosexuality as an aspirational lifestyle brand makes me sick.

I have put a lot of effort into never screaming this is not what we were fighting for up until this point, but dammit, American homosexuality is at a crossroads, and this shit is ugly.

If you were already so enfranchised and privileged that whether or not you could get married was really your last concern, then today’s America is a very different place for you than it was even a year ago.

But that was not the last or even primary concern of a lot of if not most people in QTBGL communities in this country. Employment and housing discrimination. Racial inequality. Institutional and interpersonal sexism and transphobia. It’s not that it wasn’t fucked up that we couldn’t get married. But unless you’re a monied white guy, marriage was not the end of the fight.

It’s not the fault of any individual that the face of American homosexuality has generally been the face of a monied white man age 27-55. It is rather, quite simply, that in the absence of traditional power structures, those who are next most privileged will assume their place at the top of the power pyramid.

It is, however, our responsibility as individuals and as members of communities whether we accept into our hearts the idea that homosexuality is a vodka commercial.

Wealth accumulation is a huge problem for members of our communities. And we have always had our own types of aspirational visions, like categories at balls for ‘executive realness.’

But monied white gay America has come so far from this reality that they can tip a queen a $20 without examining power structures or feeling the least bit bad about stealing intellectually from poor black, Latino and Asian gay and trans cultures.

I have stood literally toe to toe with violent homophobes, and I just have nothing to do with homosexuality as trying to figure out which port city to wear designer underwear in. I’m glad our community is making strides, but not so glad that I can just ignore the realities of most QTBGL people.

I want the world to be a better place for queers. But not just the ones who are otherwise already at the top.

I want things to be easier for the people who come after me. But not so that they can become clueless classist douchebags.

People who have been in the life a long time like to complain about how kids these days don’t know their history, but that’s not exactly my problem.

You can forget the names and the dates. You won’t always remember Mattachine and Bilitis and Bayard Rustin and Stonewall and Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson and Polari and liberation and hankies and AIDS and third-wave feminism and ACT UP and DADT and DOMA and and and

You don’t have to pass some quiz. But you can’t just get your golden ticket and slam the door in everyone else’ face.

When I was a little gay kid, “family” was still code – a synonym for gay. “He’s family,” you’d say, “she’s family.” By and large, we are born into families which are unlike us, and that means that LGBT cultural information is passed down at the community, and not family level.

The fact that homophobia and transphobia used to be worse used to make participation and membership in our communities more important, and cultural information was disseminated more easily. So now, yes, it’s true – if you want to find out what your LGBT elders have to say, you might have to work a little. They won’t necessarily be there in the same places as you, guiding you.

Us old-timers have to understand that helping to dismantle systems of oppression is bound to have effects on our communities. Still, it would make me really sad to think that everything I and millions of other queers have gone through in the past is all to the benefit of some white guys on a boat.

If you’re proud of what you’ve accumulated, do something with it. You can probably write it off your taxes or get good publicity for it. It’s nice that some gay people have nice things now. But lifting up your community is way sexier than tropical vacay selfies.

Ever love,
Big Mama Schlomo

Can you be a witch without the gender binary?

2 Mar

Yes. I do it every day.

You’re welcome!

What, you wanted more that?

I’m sure this topic is of interest to you because you’ve noticed that, basically: for a nature-based religion honoring the Goddess, Wicca is sometimes chock full of patriarchal bullshit.

Aside from the seemingly endlessly resounding image of the athame penetrating the chalice, the gender binary is all up in our business as witches. Most witches (myself included, for purposes of intellectual honesty) venerate a God and Goddess, and from there, the binarism and essentialism just keep flowing.

In Gardnerian magic, working pairs in covens are obligatorily male/female because otherwise their magic battery won’t work (*eyesprain*). Unless a coven is composed only of members of one sex, there is a high priest and high priestess. The celestial bodies are gendered. The tools of the craft are gendered.

And while I do believe there are things we understand inside ourselves as witches that may demonstrate understandings beyond words, the words we use frequently suck. Often the Goddess (and high priestess, etc.) are understood as the first among equals, but in explaining this, so many people end up with an exegesis on empowerment consisting of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Ancient cultural gender norms are conflated with “the natural order,” and you end up with people saying MAN STRONG, WOMAN IN TOUCH WITH EARTH, END OF STORY. Warrior goddesses are misrepresented, genital configuration is presented as destiny.

Q: What do Republicans, second-wave feminists and Wiccans have in common?
A: The gender binary.

I present this gem from A Witches’ Bible:

We deliberately refrain from commenting on the ‘gay’ covens (another particularly American phenomenon) because we feel that we are not equipped to do so, and because anything we could say might be interpreted as anti-homosexual prejudice. We have homosexual friends to whom we related happily as people as we do to other friends – namely, on those things which we have in common, our sexual attitudes not being one of those things. We have always regarded their sexual attitude as their own business, and defended them against any attempts to make them suffer for it. We have even had one or two homosexual members during our coven’s history, when they have been prepared and able to assume the role of their actual gender while in a Wiccan context [emphasis mine], and when their personalities have been harmonious with the rest of us. – Farrar and Farrar, A Witches’ Bible Part 2, 169-70

I wasn’t sure I was going to set off on version 2.0 of my crusade against the gender binary in a specifically pagan context until I read that passage last night. But ask for material, and life shall provide.

I am not going to lie to you: if the gender binary hurts you (and it hurts us all, but some of us more than others), than there are some things about paganism that are going to be downright ouchy.

To wit: I offer my even buying A Witches’ Bible as a very serious case of “don’t judge a book by its cover” (even if it really is a very, very nice cover). Even though it’s aesthetically pleasing as all get out and claims to be everything you’ll ever need to know, the reality is that it’s a book about fairly traditional coven life in Ireland written by a straight couple before I was even born, and I am a solitary gay American practitioner in the 21st Century. A Witches’ Bible – and a whole bunch of other books – might be everything someone needs to know about the craft, but certainly not me.

Here’s a thing I think is important to keep in mind: Wicca isn’t an ancient religion. It was made up by one white British nudist less than a hundred years ago. It’s kind of not shocking that some random mid-20th-century British straight people had some not great views on gender and homosexuality.

The good news is that any given witch (especially a solitary such as myself) is imbued with the ability to say, “thanks for inspiring neopaganism, bro, but I gotta go.” Especially if you’re a solitary practitioner, no one can make you cherish an idea that doesn’t feel good to your heart.

Wicca doesn’t have a central authority, and no one is going to cart me (or you) off to Wicca heresy jail for pointing out that one cranky white guy who liked nudity and hated gay people might have gotten some things wrong. 

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to push through. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to navigate what can be a lot of personal hurt when you’re just looking for a smudging incantation or healing spell.

Here are some things you might want to keep in your back pocket for those moments when you find yourself pressed up against the pagan gender binary (and especially those people who are really dedicated to it:)

  1. There are gay and transgender animals. I’m pretty sure even the stuffiest gender essentialist has heard of gay animals by now, but here’s a convenient list of “gender-altering animals.”
  2. Cultural norms are not the same as nature. Especially when we as cultured animals have the benefit of seeing those norms as oppressive and harmful.
  3. Even if humans were the only animals who evinced homosexuality and trans identities, we’re still a part of nature. We’re not the only queer and trans animals – but we are, for instance, the only animals who practice religion or oppress each other for gender and sexual identities.

The best news is that you’re not alone, and as pagans we’re free to hang out only with people who will affirm our basic selves. This is among the reasons I’m a solitary practitioner – I’m not much of a joiner, and I can’t really imagine having my spirituality mediated by committee – but there are real-life and online covens out there where you won’t have to tiptoe or be afraid of the gender binary’s going to come swinging at you next.

And no, it’s not like all straight cisgender witches are just waiting to clobber you with Gardnerian bullshit. But I think it’s fair warning that witchcraft without the gender binary takes some extra work.

Blessed be,
Big Momma Schlomo

On perspective

23 Feb

Hello kittens,

A few days ago, it was very windy ’round these parts. It was like that Winnie the Pooh movie, but without the singing anthropomorphic blond bear.


The night after the windstorm I went to my boyfriend’s house for his birthday party, walking up to his door in a way where I didn’t catch a real good look at his driveway. We spent a lot of time out on the porch near his driveway that night, but I didn’t really have any reason to look that way, I guess.

The next morning I went out on the porch for a cigarette and was taken aback to see that the neighbor’s fence had fallen into a row of tall shrubs which had in turn fallen into my boyfriend’s driveway just two or three inches from his car. I looked at his housemate’s car and saw that the trees, too, had just narrowly avoided striking her car. And the cars were parked back further than they usually were. How incredible! I couldn’t wait to rush inside and tell them how fortunate they were to park where they had!

It took me longer than I care to admit (though, thankfully, not longer than a cigarette break) to figure out that they already knew the fence and shrubs had fallen into their driveway, and *that’s* why they had parked where they had. They hadn’t had some sixth-sense inkling of encroaching danger – they were just smart enough not to drive over the damn trees.

It’s good to keep perspective of what other people might already know.

… Especially so you don’t look like a dumbass.

Big Momma Schlomo

Momma’s back

19 Feb

Hello kittens,

I have been out of the tightly wound, exquisitely felt political word craft for some time, and I’d like to offer some form of explanation (and also to announce that I intend to come back, just in a different way).

My life has changed a lot since I felt more able to update this site on a regular basis. For a large portion of this website’s history, I was a freelance writer, setting my own hours and always at my own personal computer. Generally, I just worked fewer hours back then, and when inspiration struck, I could just switch over to spilling my own creative energy.

I am, however, no longer a freelancer. Life intervened, and now I am a grownup with one of those job things. You know, in an office, where I have to do office stuff. I have to say, internetting for a living has put a serious damper on my desire to internet outside of work, and I have generally been using social media and the like less, to the detriment of my own personal website.

But this is just the practical explanation, and there are other, more salient points to make.

The internet only has one speed – the speed of an inflammatory SEO headline posted to every one of your friends’ Facebook pages.

I’m no one to judge, as I’m sure this is how my work has sometimes made its way around the world. But simply put, my own echo chamber has started to deafen me. The relentless need to prove that I am caught up on today’s required reading list – to demonstrate VERY LOUDLY AND VERY INTENSELY that I am VERY LIBERAL to, largely, people I barely know seems like an exercise in masturbatory futility.

Maybe it’s because I live in Ann Arbor or because my acquaintance circle is largely politically homogeneous, but I have lost all interest in SHOUTING EVERY SOCIOPOLITICAL THOUGHT THAT COMES INTO MY HEAD WITHOUT REGARD FOR NUANCE OR DESIRE TO ACTUALLY ENGAGE.

Put perhaps less shadily, I have been listening more than I talk. I have been disengaging from things I don’t find meaning in, and refocusing on seeking out and supporting voices I think add meaning and texture and joy.

Put most simply: I’ve been trying to think about life beyond Facebook. Beyond being a shouting liberal in an imaginary roomful of liberals all shouting as though no one else were shouting.

I have thought that subtracting myself from the din was the best thing I could do. And it has served me very well up until now. You can hear better when you don’t have to filter out your own shouts.

Then today the universe handed me my marching orders, and I understood a lot more clearly what I need to do.

I hesitate to write this next bit because part of me feels like it crosses into the inner me that I generally try to keep off the internet, but…

Of late, I have come to witchcraft, and I don’t think I have ever been more happy, energized, or ready to serve in my entire adult life. I have found new sources of energy inside myself, and I feel so grateful to have the strength and clarity of vision to rededicate myself to the cause I feel best equipped to handle:

the dismantling of the gender binary (and other damaging false dichotomies).

I have so many thoughts I’ve been keeping inside me about the dangers of dialectical reasoning and how it is keeping us back. But I only have one life to live, and I am blessed to have a voice that I can combine with the voices of others to work for good and “decrease world suck.”

Today as I watched a video Kate Bornstein posted of her accepting a Lambda Literary Award, I understood perfectly that if I want to live in the world she imagines – and I do – then I have to fucking do something about it. I have to keep challenging racism and classism in queer communities. I have to add to a conception of a better world. I have to grow and challenge myself and others. And brick by fucking brick, I dedicate myself to the work of tearing down the walls in queer minds, and then using those bricks to build cool shit, like fireplaces and tool sheds.

I know English teachers would probably comment something like “needs better transitions” (!) in the margins of this entry, but there’s a lot going on in my brain right now.

I don’t know exactly what my return to the internet will look like. But through clowning and magick and inevitably some good old-fashioned gender theory, I have a direction, and I want to spread good.

To those of you who have been here for years, thank you. And to those of you who subscribed this week, thank you! You’re all awfully kindly, and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’ll stick around.

In closing, I’d like to share a thought that has been very powerful and motivating in my life as of late. I realized after too long (but at just the right time) that I have been sitting around and waiting for change. It’s just a thing I do in my life. I tell myself that circumstances must necessarily improve, and I’ll do something then. But change doesn’t just happen, and you can’t rely on other people, or the arrow of time, or justice or anything. And so lately I’ve been telling myself:

I am the change.

Blessed be,
Big Momma Schlomo

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.38.11 AM

New music video!

15 Oct

Hello kittens! 

There’s a new music video for my song Zombie Apocalypse up now on my YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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