Orchestrated Underwear Is Here!

The time has come….for you to dance – FOR YOUR LIFE! Naw, just playin’.

Actually, the time has come for you to download my sparklingy fantabulous new album, ORCHESTRATED UNDERWEAR. As Martha Stewart might say: it’s a good thing.

Or as Nike might say: just do it! It’s free. FREE. What the hell is free anymore? I’ll tell you what. Chlamydia. But that’s another story.

Download at your leisure, listen at your pleasure.

Big Mama Schlomo

[Edit: I was greatly saddened on rising this morning to learn of the death of one of my personal heroines, Poly Styrene, best known as the leader of the seminal punk band, X-Ray Spex. Poly Styrene dreamt of a better world, and I hope you’ll think of her as you make donations in lieu of paying for OU.]

One thought on “Orchestrated Underwear Is Here!

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