I said it, but you were thinking it

In which people say bigoted things and try to rope you in.

If you ever need to preface a statement with “you know I’m not a bigot, but” you are probably a bigot. This is exactly how Juan Williams prefaced the remarks which got him fired from NPR, an incident chronicled his new book “Muzzled.” Because when you continue to work all over the media, get giant book deals and the network that fired you interviews you multiple times on divers shows about your firing, you are clearly being muzzled.

Williams’ argument is that the centrist majority in this political climate (say who, now?) gets “muzzled” by more extreme voices and that people are expected to censor themselves, or face things like being fired by NPR. Never mind that he goes on to explain how he likes the extreme atmosphere at Fox better than NPR (NPR Books Podcast). And never mind that he would certainly face the same sort of curtailing at Fox if he woke up tomorrow a liberal.

No, let’s just focus on the fact that are not allowed to appeal other people’s alleged bigotry which you have just evinced to assert that your bigotry is A-OK. If you sincerely believed talking about the fact that you’re afraid of Muslims would get you anywhere, it would have gotten you somewhere other than a book about the big bad liberal media. You could have taken this time to consider your Islamophobia, but instead you just keep working for Fox.

Mr. Williams, you have found multiple outlets for yourself. You haven’t been muzzled – do you even know how many people watch Fox News? What may confuse you is that you can’t just say whatever you want and demand that everyone like it and use their resources to support it. And it’s a dirty trick to try and haul other people into your bias to excuse yourself.

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