You stand convicted of assholism

On behalf of all my fellow bearded brown men living in America post-9/11,

I’m really glad you feel comfortable yelling “Saddam Hussein!” at me and my boyfriend (another bearded brown man) at the bar, and that you also felt totally entitled to stage whisper about whether or not we were in fact the deposed and LONG-DEAD leader of Iraq. You know what we’re entitled to? Being strip-searched at the airport.

And I’m also really happy for you that leaning out the car window at me to scream “terrorist!” gives you a thrill. Lest I forget that *most* people who irrationally hate and fear me hate and fear me because I’m gay, thank you for reminding me that the fact that none of my ancestors are from Great Britain or Northern Europe is also totes a chill reason to irrationally hate and fear me.

It doesn’t even matter that neither my boyfriend or I are Iraqi, because whether or not we are, you are still being a racist, xenophobic fuckwit. You’re just the kind of racist xenophobic fuckwit who lumps all bearded brown men into the same folder in your hate-filled brain. Besides which, correcting you relies on the assumption that you could point to more than one country on the globe.

In conclusion, please eat shit, but don’t become famous for it like Divine.

Big Mama Schlomo

One thought on “You stand convicted of assholism

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