New Year’s Revolutions

All I want for 2012 is sex-positive queer feminism that cares more about what I do and believe that whether or not my “Gay Shame” patch is pinned to my “Fuck Israel” T-shirt with pink safety pins.

I’d like queers to stop assuming they know how to run each other’s lives. Even slick cutting-edge identities are social constructs, and no amount of kicking and polemics will change that.

I’d like queers to stop working from the assumption that the existence of other identities attacks their own.

I’d like feminists to stop suborning, supporting and bank-rolling transphobia. Idem for racism, classism, biphobia and all other systemic oppressions which perennially plague us.

I’d like to say that I might at some point consider parenting a child without being asked to hand in my queer credentials. Blind anti-parenting queer politics is racist, sexist, anti-lesbian, anti-bisexual and affirms only people who have only ever had sex which could never even theoretically make them pregnant.

It would be swell if feminists actually believed that women’s bodies were their own – and not that they were tools of the movement, to be defined only by whatever is the avant-garde of feminist thought at the moment.

I’d also be tickled mauve if rich white queers with publishers would stop saying gay marriage is racist and classist without first at least acknowledging that only rich queers can afford the sorts of legal workarounds that not having marriage rights leaves gay couples to go through.

If you’re not willing to acknowledge the systemic economic oppression that drives many people into the army, your anti-war politics are bullshit. I’d like to know what a generation of tenure-track white queerer-than-thou academics think they’re doing to subvert kierachical paradigms.

It would please me greatly if queer feminist heroes would actually be called on their bullshit when they do something oppressive.

There is more than one way to approach feminism. In fact, the approaches are probably limited only to the number of people who identify as feminists. It should be possible and encouraged for reasonable people to disagree about things, even and especially important ones.

If second-wave feminism was issue-driven, certainly third-wave feminism was idea-driven. Fourth-wave feminism needs to climb down from the ivory tower and bring issues and ideas together, and neither the issues nor the ideas of fourth-wave feminism can be limited to the concerns of the ivory tower.

I want a 21st century queer feminism which wants more, not less of itself. And in 2012 I’m going to work on what that looks like for me.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolutions

  1. I’ve never identified as a feminist (mainly due to the inherent bullshittery I saw being tossed around under the label) and I’m not queer, but you make a hell of a lot of sense. Don’t have the first clue how I could support your New Years Revolution (aside from calling bullshit when I see it) but you can count me in.

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