mini post: coming out really does matter

Hello kittens,

This morning in my still-in-bed-and-checking-the-intertubes haze, I came across a Gawker article on a speech given by Lana Waschowski. (Sidebar: I know transgenderism is technically a neutral term, but it still totally gives me the sociolinguistic willies.)

I don’t really know anything about Wachowski’s work – I, unlike every other mothertrucking person in the world, have never seen The Matrix – so, you know, I can’t really go on at length about her art or anything.

Today’s mini-post is about one of the comments on the article. It said something like, ‘gee, I’m so happy Lana came out because the only other famous trans person is Chaz Bono and he’s a misogynist.’

Now, I don’t have the time to process whatever would happen if I Googled ‘Chaz Bono misogynist.’ But I was like ‘wh-wh-what? you think there’s only two famous trans people!?”

My mind wheels got to going. It is patently absurd to claim that there are only two famous trans people.

But I had to take a step back. I’m a person lives, breathes, and eats queerness. I’m a drag queen who writes reviews of trans fiction anthologies. Famous trans person means something different to me than to someone who isn’t immersed in all things queer.

And I realized, this means something we always say really is true: every single person who comes out counts. You never know who you’re going to touch, what opinion you’re going to mold, what bigotry you’re going to help slay.

In this commenter’s mind, the number of famous trans people doubled when Lana came out. And even if thinking there are only two public trans people is a little strange, not to mention demonstrably false, Lana coming out still changed that commenter’s life, even if just a little.

Get it, grrl.

~Big Mama Schlomo


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