Oh Dog in Kennel Above,

When I go, let them not call me unapologetic.

Let them call me brazen, and perhaps even unrepentant.

But not unapologetic.

I always apologize when I have done wrong. And the rest of the time, it doesn’t even cross my mind.

Being unapologetic implies an act of rebellion. I am too busy living authentically and authentically living to be rebellious.

I don’t act in conscious contravention of norms. Norms act in contravention of people like me.

I know it may be frightfully unqueer of me to say, but I look forward to a day when no one is terribly strange. I think only people who are already basically enfranchised get to live on the thrill of being oh-so queer.

I know the pump-me-up rhetoric, and sometimes the person in the mirror gets to hear it. I know being delightfully alive in a drab world is supposed to be a revolutionary act.

But in the end I’m just me, because that’s all I can or care to be.

And I couldn’t be described as unapologetic, because I reject outright any consideration that I’d be otherwise.

– Big Mama Schlomo

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