We got this

Hello kittens,

I am here for you.

If I am your friend in real life, I am here for you. If I am just a strange gay writer on the internet, I’m here for you.

History will assign blame. (Although let’s start with the people who voted for him!)

Now we must work together to make sure that Donal Trump is the least effective president ever!

I am on fire to protect us. I am not defeated. This is not Trump’s America. This is our America!

Rinse and repeat for the next four years:

  1. Speak your own marginalized truth
  2. Listen to other marginalized voices
  3. Amplify other marginalized voices
  4. Respectfully exert privilege for positive change
  5. Give your money to defeating Trump’s agenda
  6. Give your time to defeating Trump’s agenda
  7. Take care of yourself as well as you fucking can
  8. Care for others as you can
  9. Accept the care of others as you can
  10. Believe that we can do this.

I love you. I love you. I love you.



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