Would God make a bird whose call he can’t stand?

Would God make a bird whose call he can’t stand?

Would God make a bird whose call he can’t stand? Would he say, “naw, fuck that bird” if it needed help?

Do you think you live on the forgotten edge of creation? Do you think there is such a thing? Do you think God could be omnipotent and omnipresent except the exact shape of your life?

God does not curse his creation, it curses itself. Is the voice not always yours? Is the violence not signed in the blood you draw from your own hand?

Men curse men, and this is evil. Men curse themselves, and this, too, is evil.

Some are blameless, never making violence without. But too many of these are profligate in making war within.

We want to be seen as worse than we are, and to note our sins before others do. In making a worse evaluation of ourselves than others, we hope to escape their punishment.

But disapprobation is an emergent property of society, and nothing can be done to avoid it. It rarely has very much to do with you, anyway, and has only the meaning you imbue it with.

In other words: God said to love your neighbor, but not to take his opinion too awful seriously.

You cannot serve two masters, so you’d better pick a good one. You can curse God for making people not like your voice or look – or you can curse your fellow man for shitting on one of God’s creations.

I mean, don’t get haughty, but if you’re feeling like this, we don’t have to worry about that yet. You’re good enough for God but you think you’re not good enough for Janet from accounting? Who gives a fuck what she thinks? Is Janet from accounting going to decide your moral worth? Spoiler alert, God is not Janet from accounting.

Man can claim for himself any right to judge that other men will not defend, but that does not give him moral authority, only clout.

Man says attain this, and file the proper paperwork, and you will be blessed. Man says reflect this and empty yourself, and you will be blessed.

Real faith asks us not to believe that we are the worst things God has ever made, and to believe he would love us even if we were. It is frightening to think God is less petty than us, but that is us making false claims. If we can imagine a greater justice, how great must true justice be?

Everyone wants to have some big gift from God. Everyone wants to be the preacher in the pulpit, or at least his boon companion. Or, everyone wants to be untouchable, beyond the aid of the preacher, his son, or horsemen. No one wants to be just an average sinner, considered in turn by God.

We all each of us sin against good. We do not speak here of misplaced menarche or the consumption of shellfish, but of blanking a homeless man as though he had not just spoken to you. Of not calling that vulnerable friend no matter how many times you thought of it. Of waiting for the water when you could have turned on the tap.

You don’t have to be incredible, you just have to show up. The difference you fear in yourself is how God shall know you. God would not make a bird whose call he can’t stand, because nothing is made to suffer.

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