How to distinguish between the curved and the straight?


Mirrors ladders rulers standards T-squares telescoping electron microscopes gram staining Tzanck test antibody enzyme immunoassay pap smear psychoanalysis lysis magnetic resonance imaging transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation flight simulator divination biopsy lie detector online personality quiz questionnaire public polling randomized robocalls prayer palpation smelling reflex hammer rubber band ball in a tube spectrometer pedometer odometer km/h peeking peering eavesdropping gumshoeing interrogation confession inference command ultimatum translation interpretation red shift seismograph vacuum sexing withholding holding forth prevarication tying attempt zero-gravity chamber electron collider culturing reeducation manifesti scraping tearing peeling rubbing your pen on the back of your hand rebooting virus detection and removal software archaeology coring thumping interrobang


Into the arms of my beloved, I guess.

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