The nice person from GR was moving to Saberonx on Glarrday.

“I need to pick out one of my paintings for zir,” Rahn told his partner, Uubi, who wasn’t really listening.

“Ze’s the one who said I could bring home boxes sometimes. Even though I actually keep forgetting to.”

Uubi nodded in recognition.

Earlier that day at work, Rahn had had the perfect painting in mind. However, upon inspecting his inventory, he discovered this painting had yet to be painted.

He had been thinking of it for quite some time; a sort of milky ultra-znabsfruit background with detaché vertical jabs of violet. A bloody sort of a painting that spoke to comfort, and to pies. He wanted to paint this painting very badly, but several color tests had failed to yield the correct ultra-znabsfruit.

“I think I might give her the purple one on the little bookcase,” Rahn said. Uubi nodded, not raising his eyes from his glowing EM.

Rahn glanced back at the little purple painting on the bookcase. It had a very satisfying blend of purples, set off in measure by black and white. It was pleasantly matte, and he liked the way his signature looked. Rahn had of late become increasingly confident in this area.

It was small. Was it too small? And he wished it didn’t have to be one of the corrugated ones.

Still, there wasn’t time or money to get bleached nardu hide before she left, so corrugated it would have to be.

“Yeah, the little purple one,” Rahn said now to himself.

He’d have to keep trying to make that ultra-znabsfruit. It was people like Wlo from Girax Resources who made him see colors like ultra-znabsfruit.

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