Everyone can make art

Everyone can make art

Who is an artist if not a person who makes art? Artists are not born or made in classrooms. They bring themselves into reality when they create art.

Anyone can make art, I thought. But no, that seems like an insult to both. Everyone can make art. 

Yes. That is much better.

Plans for art are not art. Art is art. We often go through gestational periods when we do not make art, and we wonder why we do not succeed as artists.

Great paintings are not contemplated; they are painted. Along with a thousand other failed attempts and frustrating tries. Art may seem to keep you out, but no one is barred from the door. 

Expect to be continually embarrassed – that is how you know you’re growing. But embarrassment should not mean a lack of love; love every piece that gets you where you will go.

Art creates peace in the mind. It invents a problem and proposes a solution. It is an imposition of order on chaos we create. Everyone can find an art that matches the resonance of their own longing. 

If you can make art, you can make peace. And everyone can make art.

Nothing can stop you from making art. You will not have all the tools you want or the skills you think you need. Honestly: fuck it. I started making art out of trash, and so can you. Art isn’t made of the “right” materials; it’s made of accepting the will to create.

You don’t need a class. You don’t need another visit to the craft store. You need to go make something right damn now. 

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