Holidays on the Dole!

MerryHappy Christmahanukwanzaakah, Kittens:

As has become something of a bizarre tradition for me, it’s holiday time and I’m sending a little EP your way. It’s called “Holidays on the Dole!”, and it’s a really winner-winner chicken dinner.

Murderous cats! Phony radio advertisements! Vaguely British totally uptight mothers! Sleigh bells! All with original and traditional holiday music.

Holidays on the Dole!” also features my new song, “Checkmate,” which *is* a jaunty waltz and is *not* a chess metaphor.

In case you haven’t caught on, you can download a zip file of the whole dern thing right here. Like all of my other releases to date, it is completely 100% free. I’d kindly appreciate it if you’d make a charitable donation, though. Your choice.

For sound nerds: fuck mp3s. I am so tired of mp3s. The zip file contains .aif files, which will play just dandy in yer iTuneses and on your iDevices. Trust me. I’ve done my researches.

And, in case you can’t tell from the name of the fifth track, “Holidays on the Dole!” probably isn’t safe for work, unless you’re Dan Savage or me.

Ok, kittens. A blessing on your head.

Big Mama Schlomo

Checkmate (single release)

Happy Holidays (on the Dole!), Kittens!

I’m over the full moon to show you the cover art for my new holiday EP, “Holidays on the Dole!” and also to share with you one of the tracks, “Checkmate.” For those of you who adore a quirky waltz – hey, it’s one of those! And for those of you who hate chess metaphors – don’t worry, it isn’t one.


Adore this woeful holiday tale in health, kittens, and check back to on December 13 for the release of the full EP, “Holidays on the Dole!”

Love you, kittens,
Big Mama Birthday Boy Schlomo

Stevie Nicks

I noticed the other day that Silent Night was easier to deal with if you replaced all the words with “Stevie Nicks.”

Merry Nicksmas.

schlomo sings stereo total, y’all

It’s true. He does. Well, he did.

Click here.

Hugs and kisses (and a happy birthday to me),
Big Mama Schlomo

Stereo Total Tribute Mini Ep

Hey all,

Just a wee reminder that my holiday gift Stereo Total tribute mini ep (“Schlomo Sings Stereo Total”) will drop on December 11th. Which is also my 24th birthday. Jus’ sayin’. Check back to this site to download this free ep on that day.

Also, thanks for your big response to my essay on faggotry. A special thanks to Kate Bornstein for retweeting the link. It made for a surreal couple of days for this Michigan faggot folksinger.

Ok, I ❤ youse,
Big Mama Schlomo