Holidays on the Dole!

Hello Kittens!

It’s holiday time and I’m sending a little EP your way. It’s called “Holidays on the Dole!”, and it’s a real winner-winner chicken dinner.

Murderous cats! Phony radio advertisements! Vaguely British totally uptight mothers! Sleigh bells! All with original and traditional holiday music.

Holidays on the Dole!” also features my new song, “Checkmate,” which *is* a jaunty waltz and is *not* a chess metaphor.

In case you haven’t caught on, you can download a zip file of the whole dern thing right here. Like all of my other releases to date, it is completely 100% free. I’d kindly appreciate it if you’d make a charitable donation, though. Your choice.

One thought on “Holidays on the Dole!

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