Hello my little alkies!

Welcome to Big Mama Schlomo’s first full-length album, ORCHESTRATED UNDERWEAR. It was a labor of both heart and liver, and I hope it’ll find a special place in your…um…organs.

This album is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Imagine sirens going off. And maybe a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. This shit be baller.

I do, however, ask that you consider making a charitable donation in lieu of paying me. Here are a few of my suggestions:

The Red Cross

The Trevor Project

Planned Parenthood

Amnesty International

Or please feel free to make a donation, of either money or time to another organization of your choice. Or just be nice to someone this week. Or something.


A zip file of the whole album is available here.

01 Nothing on the Table

02 No Trepidation

03 Hound

04 Mój kochany

05 Cloud As Bright As the Sun

06 Euler of Love

07 No Longer Green

08 Going

09 I’d Stay

10 Toutes les rues de la ville

11 It’s True That I Don’t Buy Underwear Because I’m Single

12 Would You Come With Me to My Father’s

As well as the b-side to “Underwear:”

Please Smoke in Bed

Credits (this part is brief):
All words and music written by Schlomo Steel (c)2011.
All instruments, real and imaginary, as well as vocals performed by Schlomo Steel. Production, too.
Cover art: Beth Dobiáš.

Okay! That’s it! Download, enjoy in health, whate’er that means to you, and do somethin’ nice ‘cos it’s free.

Big Mama Schlomo Loves You!

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